New Collaboration! Pebble & Ripple w/ The Letter Refinerie

by Ash O'Connor

A peek behind the curtain at the collaboration between The Letter Refinerie and Pebble & Ripple

One of the things we strive for here at Made Cleveland is fostering a sense of community and it’s so great when it just happens naturally! Over the past few months there are some great partnerships forming behind the scenes and it’s so great to see them coming to fruition!

Recently Lara Roketenetz and Carie Erak connected to bring to you a collaborative project, Lake Erie Beach Treasure Candles. We had an opportunity to chat with them about how this all started and were so excited to learn that they had actually worked together about 20 years ago in environmental consulting. As life often goes, they haven’t spent much time together in recent years, but Lara had been a huge fan of Carie’s calligraphy work and her new creations - candles!

Lara sent her former colleague a text at the end of January to pitch the idea of working together again and the two just hit the ground running. Collaborating during a pandemic definitely looked a little different than usual and after lots and lots (and lots) of text messages, emails back and forth, and porch drop offs and pickups the project was taking shape. Lara shares “I think mostly because Carie was so easy to work with and also because we both were invested in the idea, it didn't seem weird or hard at all. The creative collaborative process came about quite naturally. And it was really fun! It's also been a great reason to reconnect with an old friend, too.”

Beyond rekindling an old friendship, this project allowed the two to focus on another important topic dear to them both; sustainability and upcycling! Lara is a self-proclaimed rock hound and already spent a lot of time on the beach picking up litter and couldn’t resist the opportunity to collect the glass and pebbles along the shore as well. She’s also a huge fan of this yogurt that comes in really cute, little glass jars and couldn’t bear the thought of them ending up in the landfill, so was trying to determine cute ways to recycle them. With all the jars and stones scattered around the house, it finally just clicked in her brain that I could just put them together!

Of course Carie added her special touch to the project and took them up a notch. Having had that personal relationship it was really easy to trust each other throughout the process and Carie had creative liberty to come up with the scents and label! It really showcases both of their creative talents in such a fun, unique way! They’re incredibly excited to have created a product that speaks to how important they think Lake Erie is to the community.

Check below for how to view information on the two products and be sure to check back for more collaborations from other Made Cleveland creators! 

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