Your profile is as easy as 1,2,...5!

In these 'Profile Building' articles you’ll find all the resources necessary to build out an exceptional profile. Please go through the 5 steps (In order, if possible) and if you get stuck or have any questions, just write them down and move onto the next section. If you’re unable to move on, please email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure you’re set-up for success!

  • Step 1: Shop & Personal Info  
  • Step 2: Contact & Bio Info  
  • Step 3: Shipping Configuration  
  • Step 4: Uploading Products  
  • Step 5: Social Media! 

Step 2: Contact & Bio Info

You can access your profile by going to 
It's important that you fill out this entire Account & Profile section right away. Provided you've already done Step 1 this should only take you about 15 minutes or so, max. This includes the uploading of your images which are important to maintain a visually appealing presence while you're building out your profile, adding items, etc (especially if you're unable to do everything in one sitting).  

First thing first is to fill out your information.
Email Address, Name, Shop Name, Mailing Address, Phone number, etc.

Your Short Description is where you’ll paste the 420 Character bio you’ve already written!

Your Detailed Description is where you’ll paste your more robust info with additional photos, links to press, and awards!

Seller Policies
What are your shipping & return/exchange requirements? Be very clear about how quickly you are able to ship items. If you offer pick up, where it's being offered. If you have policies that are different for each item, be sure to list that in your main store policies too! 

Do you offer returns or exchanges? Why or why not? What can a customer do if something arrives and it's not what they were expecting? 

Be clear, concise, and informative here! It will help to set the tone for the buying experience! And of course, please remember to be friendly even though you’re ‘laying down the law’

For any External Links you’re including be sure to type out the full domain like You can also copy and paste the link directly from your browser!

Now you can add your images!

The Banner Image you see (Two hands with a heart) is the current default banner so if you don’t add anything that’s what your audience will see. Image requirements: 1500x900 px

Profile Photo - Upload a photo of yourself to personalize the shopping experience. Image requirements: 180x180 px

Logo - If you don’t have one is a great resource to create a free logo! Image requirements: 180x180 px