Profile Building Step 1: Shop Set-Up & Personal Info

by Ash O'Connor

Your profile is as easy as 1,2,...5!

In these 'Profile Building' articles you’ll find all the resources necessary to build out an exceptional profile. Please go through the 5 steps (In order, if possible) and if you get stuck or have any questions, just write them down and move onto the next section. If you’re unable to move on, please email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure you’re set-up for success!

  • Step 1: Shop Set-Up & Personal Info  
  • Step 2: Filling Out Your Contact & Bio Info  
  • Step 3: Shipping Configuration  
  • Step 4: Uploading Products  
  • Step 5: Sharing On Social Media! 

Step 1: Shop Set-Up & Personal Info

Photos and Graphics
Profile Photo: Must be square and should be 800x800px
Banner Photo: Image can be uploaded at any dimension but we recommend 900x250px
Logo: Must be square and should be 250x250px 

If you don't have any of these graphics listed above, you can always make some for free at! There are a lot of templates available with their free membership, and their monthly fee isn't too high if you opt to go that route. With these graphic design sites, there is always the possibility that quality is not the best. For the best quality it is encouraged that you utilize a professional graphic designer. You can email us at [email protected] for a list of incredibly talented local artists that would be happy to help create a thoughtfully crafted branding package! 

Type up two bios about yourself

Short Description will be 420 Characters or less and be featured at the top of your page. Here you can include a quick snippet about what you offer and can even include a ‘check out more below’ blurb so visitors will be encouraged to scroll through your profile!

Detailed Description will be a more robust ‘About me’ section right under your products and has NO limit! Here you can include info about your awards and other cool stuff about you! (Tip: Only include 2 to 3 press/awards links - the ones you're REALLY excited about!) 

Pro Tips

Write in Google Docs to easily copy & paste!
This way you can also edit as needed!

Welcome your audience!
Even though this is a website, you can still personalize the experience!

Use humor and tell stories.
People love a solid anecdote about the inspiration behind what you’ve created.

Share what sets you apart from your colleagues on the site.
I say colleagues instead of competition, because we are a community and are here to help elevate each other's creative voices! Plus - everyone's items are incredibly unique to them so be sure to explain why what you do is different than someone else that may do something similarly. 

Check out these profiles as some great examples of the Detailed Description!