Your profile is as easy as 1,2,...5!

In these 'Profile Building' articles you’ll find all the resources necessary to build out an exceptional profile. Please go through the 5 steps (In order, if possible) and if you get stuck or have any questions, just write them down and move onto the next section. If you’re unable to move on, please email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure you’re set-up for success! 

  • Step 1: Shop & Personal Info  
  • Step 2: Contact & Bio Info  
  • Step 3: Shipping Configuration  
  • Step 4: Uploading Products
  • Step 5: Social Media! 

Step 4: Uploading Products 

You're SO close to being done! This is where you'll really start getting rubber to the road!

Hover your mouse over the Inventory tab and scroll down to select Product Listing 

Click +Add Product (Orange button upper right hand corner)  

Fill out all of the products details as thoroughly as possible

Unless you are selling a digital download, you should always select Normal Product. 

SKU / Barcode are for your own reference so that’s at your discretion.

Always make sure to check requires shipping even if you have a pick up or local delivery option, this just ensures that the item is added to the shipping profile and is accounted for at time of check out. *If this isn’t checked it will create issues at checkout*

You should always track your inventory! Even if you have unlimited availability. If the item qty reaches zero it may appear as sold out on the site!
There is only one location at which to track inventory called, you guessed it! Inventory Tracking. 

Be sure to ALWAYS include an accurate weight for your items. This will be used to calculate shipping and you want to make sure you’re not being overcharged!  

Tags & Categories

Please be sure to reference the Categories and Tags Document in the FAQ section for how to best represent your items. It’s wicked important that you follow our guides for this to ensure that you’re appearing in the best searches possible. If there are any tags you think would be beneficial to add, please let us know and we’ll do our best!

Sales Tax

Made Cleveland collects the sales tax and remits payment to the appropriate agencies so you don’t have to!

If you have this box unchecked for any reason and an item sells without collecting the tax, you will be charged and the sales tax will be deducted from your earnings. I’m sorry but thems the rules. 


Variants can be used to allow a customer to easily select options for anything that modifies a product. Things like size, color, style, material, etc.

If you’re including variant(s) they must be added when you create the product. (If you go to add them after the fact then they won’t show up, and unfortunately you will have to create a new product.)

If you need to charge for shipping or are offering local pick up or delivery this is a great item for a variant as well!

Option Name would be things like: Color, Size, Style, Material, Shiping, etc. You can really make this whatever fits best with your offering! You can click the field option name and there will be a drop down of the usual suspects for you to select from. OR you can type your own! You can only have THREE options names max.

Option Value would be things like:
Color: Blue, Green, Yellow, Grey
Size: Small, Medium, Large, 2”x 4”,
Material: Cotton, Latex, Polymer, Clay
Shipping: Local Pick Up, Local Vendor Delivery, Paid Shipping $2
*After you've typed in the option value simply hit the tab button to add another!* 


A good product title is 30 or so characters long and contains important keywords

Utilize the formatting options in the description box to create visually appealing blurbs!

Make the description unique and fun! Again - humor goes a long!

Pro Pro Tip: We are focusing on becoming more accessible in a number of different ways. Please consider creating a title and description that can easily be read for those that are visually impaired.