Which Tags to Add to your items

by Ash O'Connor

Made Cleveland has adopted a flexible categorizing system to ensure your item gets in front of the eyes of potential customers as much as possible. By pinpointing exactly what your product is, we are able to provide many ways for people to explore the website and discover unique goods.

Categorizing is all based on tags, which behave a lot like hashtags on Instagram. For example, currently every item has an option to be customizable or not. By selecting this, your item is tagged as “customizable” and now we can view every item that is customizable, making it a handy way to shop. We rinse and repeat this for several criteria.

It is important to understand that this system will only work if we all use the same tags, with the exact same typing. For example, you may already have tagged your product as “One Of A Kind” which is great! If I had the same idea, but I wrote in “one-of-a-kind” instead, we won’t be in the same category. We need to write it out exactly the same way-- case sensitive and all.

This is why I have put together a list of universal tags which are going to be used in categorizing. They will follow the same rules: no capitalization, commas, apostrophes, quotation marks. When entering multiple tags, each one is separated by a comma. So we cannot use oxford commas in tags. 

You are given the ability to add 15 tags for your items. It's recommended that you utilize 10 or so for your regular every day searches, and then allow the remaining 5 to be left open for the addition to special/seasonal collections we add throughout the year/season. 

The list below outlines what the categories apply to. You can scroll through the whole page, or you can click on the item you'd like to jump to!



The product types we utilize are listed above. From time to time we may add, remove, or change these listings and will always make sure to update you before we do! When adding these tags to your item, make sure that you are doing so referencing the formatting noted in the opening paragraph (no capitalization, commas, apostrophes, quotations, etc)


For main product categories, simply tag what your product is in 1 word if possible. We are creating rules where these will automatically be put in the appropriate categories. For example, “shirt” will be under “Clothing” and “Tops” automatically.

We try to allow for multiple iterations of the same thing when we make our collections. For example, “t-shirt” “tshirt” “tee shirt” “graphic tee” “tee” and “shirt” are all words we have set up to be categorized into “T shirts” … But as you can imagine, it’s difficult to predict all the different words that may be used in categories. So we have created a list of tags that you should use in order to be recognized as a product which should be in that category. It's recommended that you choose one.

Click the link below to access our spreadsheet with a comprehensive list of tags. This is a view only Google Sheet so to be able to copy and paste, you will have to download the file or create a copy to store in your own drive.

Other criteria such as men's/women’s, colors, sizes, are filtered through the variants you set up in your product listing, and other keywords you may have set up such as “scoop neck” “v neck” or whatever other key references or qualities your product has. 


Product filters are ways in which customers can sort through all of the different offerings on our site, and include, or exclude items according to their criteria. For example, if someone is looking for a 10" square pillow that has a Cleveland Skyline on it, they may type that into the search, or they filter through using the dimensions and product type on the left hand side of the page. In order to make sure your products are showing up you can use these tags below to help better sort them! 

You can just copy and paste the below into your product tags!

MediumDimensionsArt CriteriaOccasionMaterialsMaterials Cont'd
ink1 inch and underlimited editionkidsceramicfound objects
oil1 to 3 inchesone-of-a-kindweddingwaxresin / plastic
3 to 7 inchesoriginalhousewarmingstonerubber / silicone
watercolor7 to 12 inchesreproductionromanticmetalmixed media
charcoal12 to 24 inchesframedbirthdaytextilespaper
enamel24 to 36 inchesunframedhostessglassfoam
gouache36 to 72 incheslandscapecongratswoodleather
mixed media72 to 84 inchesportraitanniversaryplasterhorn
collage84 inches +graduationvinylbone
get wellcanvasfur
StyleRoomSubjectSubject Cont'd
beach life
hollywood glamliving roomanimalspandemic
shabby chicentrywayarchitecturepeople
rustic livinglaundryastrologyplaces
bohemiandining roomcomedypolitical
traditional americankitchenclevelandpop culture
mid-century modern
rust belt industrialhome officefashionreligion
contemporaryoutdoor livingfiguresromance
vintagekids roomfood / drinksports
historicalstill life


Tags are also how we will be curating special and seasonal collections. For example, we may create an “open collection” like #WomensDay and anyone may simply tag their product with that keyword in order to be included in the collection, promoted on seasonal homepage features and blog posts to share on social media. 

We will send out emails in advance with the start date and duration of each campaign so you can have ample time to add the appropriate tags to your products! We'll also be creating additional blogs here to announce those campaigns as well so be sure to keep checking in for cool updates!