• Sustainable Fine Art Photography Print - Musk Thistle Wildflower in Grand Teton National Park

    • $40.00



    This is a fine art photography print of a musk thistle plant near the Mormon Row Historic District in Grand Teton National Park. Mormon Row is the site of the famous barns in Grand Teton and was the site where Mormon homesteaders settled and created their own little town in the 1890s. You can see why they chose this spot, as the view of the mountains is unbeatable. The western flora was so beautiful and different from our own, more desert-like than the green that we are accustomed to in the east. I loved these purple musk thistle flowers, although I now have come to learn they are actually invasive because they crowd out native species. Even so, I can’t help but love this print.


    What does it mean that these prints are “end-to-end carbon neutral”? It means that energy usage is minimized by the printer wherever possible and energy comes from suppliers of renewable energy.  Where unavoidable, all of the carbon emissions created by the printer are offset via The Gold Standard and funding projects aimed at creating a safer climate and more sustainable world.

    High-Quality Materials

    Each of my fine art prints uses hand picked archival art paper with Giclée style printing.  Giclée printing means the images are higher resolution with unrivaled color accuracy.  My prints use fade-resistant, archival inks meaning they will look just as beautiful as the day you got it for the next 80 years.


    There are 4 different print sizes available for purchase, each with the option of no border or a 1/2 inch white border around the outside of the printed area for matting, accounting for 8 different purchase options.  Custom sizes, paper type, matting and framing are also available upon request.

    • Option 1: 8 x 12 inches

    • Option 2: 9 x 13 inches (8 x12 inch print area with ½” border)

    • Option 3: 12 x 18 inches

    • Option 4: 13 x 19 inches (12 x18 inch print area with ½” border)

    • Option 5: 16 x 24 inches

    • Option 6: 17 x 25 inches (16 x 24 inch print area with ½” border)

    • Option 7: 24 x 36 inches

    • Option 8: 25 x 37 inches (24 x 36 inch print area with ½” border)

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