• All Butter Honeycomb Body Butter

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    Why OUR Body Butter?

    Ginger & Honey’s 1st product ever was this amazing body butter concoction. Made with 100% Organic Ingredients which is what your skin CRAVES! Using our body butter over time will reveal your natural skin (without the daily damage) that you’ve had under the damaged skin layers. After all, who doesn’t want their baby skin back?!


    Our body butter is made with Organic and High-Quality Butters combined with a rich Honey base. Ginger & Honey’s unique mixture has been proven to help your skin remain soft, retain moisture, decrease scar appearance, protect your skin from daily damage, and replenish the nutrients we strip from our skin in the shower.




    This product is specifically designed to work on ALL skin types. We’ve created a specific application process depending on your personal skin texture and needs.

    NORMAL: If your skin is normal, meaning you don’t require tons of layers of ointment to remain moisturized, your best process is to apply in the shower.

    NORMAL-DRY: If your skin is between normal and dry, apply the product directly after your shower while your pores are still open.

    DRY-DAMAGED: Lastly, if your skin is dry/damaged apply this mixture directly after your shower and again before bed.

    Key Ingredients:

    Certified Organic Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut Oil

    Pure Aloe Vera Extract

    Raw Honey


    please discontinue if you get an allergic reaction!