• Ivy Vine Enamel Necklace & Fragrance Oil

    • $32.50


    On a misty morning dark green leaves tendril out to catch the droplets of rain. Whether scaling the side of a building or blanketing the ground, ivy is a plant that reaches. It grows quickly, searching for nourishment, light, and water. What better icon for achieving your goals? Regardless of what structure might be in the way, ivy is flexible, able to wind into tight spaces and around dangerous corners. These qualities make it a great symbol for resourcefulness, creative and strategic thinking, and ambition. Set your sights high and call upon the determined nature of ivy to help you meet them.

    Each pendant is approx. 1.5 inches, includes a 24 inch chain, a pull-tab box, a symbolic meaning reference card, and a 2ml vial of fragrance oil inspired by the botanical.

    Ivy - Ambition | Adaptability | Resourcefulness
    Fragrance Oil - Jojoba Oil, English ivy, apple, leather
    Pendant: Hard Enamel with Gold Plating
    Size: approx. 1.5 inches
    Chain: Gold Plated – Nickle Free – 24 inches