"A one-stop shop for local Cleveland culture creators"

The original concept for Made Cleveland was born many years ago, but was fully solidified around the holidays of 2019. Our Founder, Ash O'Connor, was trying to find ways to support local creators online, but finding it to be a fun challenge. After having worked with artists for many years, hearing similar gripes about lack of consistent regional representation, and then being a hopeful customer finding the same difficulty from the opposite end - creating a website to unite maker and consumer seemed a no-brainer!

Made Cleveland makes it easy to support our denizen culture-creators by providing a one-stop-shop for Clevelanders to find and purchase unique products from talented, regional artists and crafters. This online marketplace is essentially a hybrid of the best Etsy and Yellow Pages have to offer, with a hyper-local, community-minded focus.

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This is what supporting local means.

We have a hyper-local focus– with an international appeal. Let's show the world what Cleveland has to offer.


Ash O'Connor

Ash O’Connor has long been an advocate for locally made goods, small businesses, community, and sustainability. In her past lives she’s been a musician, an artist, a bartender, a bookkeeper, an operations manager for manufacturing, managed a hyper-local newspaper, fixed flutes and clarinets, and even hitchhiked across the country. She is nothing if not fearless, and an advocate for those that are bold enough to try something new and different.

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Our vendor partners are artists and makers found in the Greater Cleveland area who are as unique as their craft.

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