• Amazonite Delicate Dangle Earrings on Sterling Silver Ear Wires

    • $18.00


    Half-inch blue-green Amazonite stones are suspended from hand-forged sterling silver ear wires.


    What is Amazonite?  It's the tradename that's used for these green to bluish green gems, which are a variety of microcline, a member of the feldspar mineral group.  They were first named "Amazon stone" (after the Amazon River), even though they were never found it that location.  After a time "Amazonite" began to be used, which was more appropriate for a gem or mineral.

    Amazonite can be found almost all over the world, at least in small deposits, including the US, Canada, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Namibia, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden.

    Amazonite has a long history, having been used as a gem for over 2,000.  It's been found in archaeological digs of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.


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