• Amethyst Bar Statement Necklace on a Stainless Steel Chain

    • $25.00


    A two-inch long bar of round amethyst beads (seven total) is strung onto silver-plated copper, suspended between two lengths of stainless steel chain. A delicate yet bold accessory for February babies and royals alike. The total necklace length is 18 inches and closes with a stainless steel lobster clasp.

    While you may know amethyst as the birthstone for February, here are a few facts you may not know (in case you're ever on Jeopardy!):

    • Amethyst is a variety of quartz and can range in color from deep purple to pale lavender (it all depends on how much manganese and iron formation contains).
    • Purple dye was quite popular among the royals in the ancient Mediterranean, so amethyst became associated with wealth and power. It’s still a popular choice to denote power – the British Crown Jewels include a number of pieces that feature amethyst, including jewelry worn by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.