• Black Hematite Beaded Stretch Bracelet with Silver Moon Charm

    • $18.00


    A strand of 10 mm hematite beads (with a 7.5" interior circumference) has been strung and secured onto a doubled stretch cord, accented with a 3/4" silver plated crescent moon charm.  This bracelet is a perfect addition to any bracelet stack as it's neutral enough to blend with almost any other color or type of stone!

    A bit about hematite - it's an iron oxide whose name is derived from the Greek word for blood!  Some varieties of hematite have a red coloration, which influenced the choice of name.

    Hematite was quite popular in Victorian-era England as it was used in "mourning jewelry" (an interesting subject in its own right).  Hematite is also used in art forms such as gilding and intaglio.

    You'll notice these beads are NOT magnetic!  True hematite is not to be confused with "hematine" which is a synthetic (magnetic) material. 


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