• Brecciated Jasper earrings crowned in Mozambique Garnet, Hessonite Garnet, and Andalusite clusters with 14 gold-filled earwires.

    • $179.99


    One of a kind Beautiful Brecciated Jasper smooth briolettes crowned with beautiful brown Andalusite, dark orange Hessonite Garnet and deep red Mozambique Garnet clusters on 14k Gold-Filled earwires and hand wrapped with 14k gf wire and chain.

    All components are hypoallergenic and nickel free

    About the gemstones:

    Brecciated Jasper
    Brecciated jasper is jasper that has been broken up internally and naturally cemented together with chalcedony
    Healing with Brecciated jasper
    ❤ Calmness ❤️ Peace ❤️ Spiritual Transformation

    Garnet is the name given to a group of silicate minerals
    Chakras - Base Chakra, Heart Chakra
    Birthstone – January
    Healing with Garnet
    ♥ Passion ♥ Sensuality ♥ Sexuality ♥ Romantic love ♥ Intimacy ♥ Positive thoughts ♥ Energy ♥ past life recall ♥ Inspiration ♥ Success ♥ Social popularity ♥ Self-confidence

    Hessonite Garnet is a particular grossularite form of Garnet that is most known for its warm yellow to reddish tones.

    Andalusite is an aluminium silicate mineral that can be found in low-pressure metamorphic rocks. It’s composed of Sillimanite and Kyanite
    Chakra - Base
    Zodiac- Virgo
    Healing with Andalusite
    Grounding ❤️ Release Negative Energy ❤️ Truth ❤️ Balance ❤️ Self-Realization

    Jewelry Care ♥ Avoid contact with moisture - remove when showering/washing hands/exercising ♥ Avoid contact with perfume ♥ Store your jewelry in a jewlery box or jewelry safe bag when not in use ♥ Remove before bed ♥ clean & polish with a soft cloth