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    I started Little Bakery Co as a creative outlet during my Maternal Mental Health journey. After being diagnosed with PTSD from a traumatic C-section, PPA (postpartum anxiety), and OCD- I needed something to focus on. Most days, I created pacifier clips and teethers with my newborn, Baker, swaddled asleep on my chest. It was just a small something that gave my days purpose. 

    All over my house were these little post-it notes. They reminded me of all the important parts of my journey. Messages like "it's okay to rest" and "you are enough." These post-its got me to the other side of the darkest days. 

    With the right team of doctors, support from my wife and family, and the perfect combination of meds, I am thriving. I started creating digital art as a way to unwind. This piece uses color and movement to express the complexity of motherhood!

    8.5x11 art print

    270 gsm paper

    natural, warm, uncoated texture finish