• Ferments & Canning Set | Vegetable tamper | Tasting spoon | Jar spoon | Cherry wood | Slow Made goods for Gourmand's

    • $110.00


    Slow made kitchen utensils.

    Finely handcrafted utensils for lovers of good food. 

    These are made with love, care and hand tools only- there will only ever be a few of these in the world. 




    Pack those vegetables tightly; taste them: spoon them onto a plate.


    Includes: one X 12 3/4" Vegetable tamper/muddler, one X 11" jar spoon and one X 4 3/4" tasting spoon. All in cherry wood.

    1/2 oz spoon butter (in a compostable plant-based container).


    Finish: spoon butter (a blend of 100% organic walnut oil, and beeswax) 

    Makers notes: This particular cherry wood has personal history. In 2015, in New York, I had to remove a small cherry tree from a rooftop garden. Not wanting to see this go to the landfill, I cut the tree into sections, took it home in my backpack, and dried it. Its survived about four apartment moves since. Its been a delight to work with, and now it can serve you for years to come.

    Care: wood utensils can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Don't soak for prolonged periods in water, and NEVER clean in a dishwasher. Spoon butter can be rubbed on the utensils every few weeks/months, if you like that fresh look. Otherwise a natural patina will build up over time.

    Wood utensils (general): being a natural product, they will change characteristics over time; and with the seasons.