• Found stone with Mica Necklace

    • $110.00


    Mica Stone Necklace

    A pretty found stone with flecks of flecks of sparkling Mica prong set in sterling silver. I found this stone on my friends property in North Carolina and was mesmerized by the sparkle.

    Mica is a natural stone . It is often used in make up, cement and as an insulator in electrical cables. Mica is considered a gem stone. It is believed to help us reflect on individual qualities.,
    To help us recognize flaws with out self-condemnation.

    Mica is also believed to reduce hostile or nervous energy, ahhh... who doesn't need that.

    Mica is not a traditional birthstone but is closely associated with the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Virgo. Some say Mica is also connected to the heart chakra.

    A pretty special little stone I found.

    This necklace hangs from an 18 inch flat oval cable high polish chain.

    The pictures don't do the sparkling stone justice.