• Green Peruvian Opal, Black Spinel & 14k gold filled bracelet

    • $99.99


    Made with gorgeous Green Peruvian Opals, Sparkley Black Spinel and 14k gold-filled stardust beads. Finished with 14k gold-filled lobster clasp and chain

    Green Peruvian Opal
    Green Opal is a variety of common opal mixed with nontronite. it is an amorphous silica mineral.
    Chakra - Heart
    Zodiac- Sagittarius, Aries & Cancer
    Healing With Green Peruvian Opal
    Clarity ❤️ Emotional Understanding ❤️ Love ❤️ Anxiety Relief ❤️ Calming and Patience ❤️ Strength ❤️ Self-Healing ❤️

    Black Spinel
    Spinel is a mineral composed of magnesium aluminium oxide. Black Spinel is an iron-rich Spinel.
    Chakra - Root
    Zodiac-Taurus, Scorpio & Sagittarius
    Birthstone- added as an alternative August Birthstone in 2016
    Healing with Black Spinel
    Self Discovery 🖤 Authentic Living 🖤 Negative Energy Release 🖤 Focus 🖤

    Jewelry Care ♥ Avoid contact with moisture - remove when showering/washing hands/exercising ♥ Avoid contact with perfume ♥ Store your jewelry in a jewlery box or jewelry safe bag when not in use ♥ Remove before bed ♥ clean & polish with a soft cloth