• HAIR & SCALP ELIXIR~Promotes hair growth and health. Herbal Infused. 2 oz.

    • $17.95


    Introducing my very first body care product...HAIR & SCALP SERUM is a potent conditioning blend of Avocado oil, Argan, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Castor, Hemp Seed Oil, and a hint of Neem. The Avocado oil is first infused with Burdock Root, Nettles, Comfrey, Horsetail, Plantain, Rosemary, and Oatstraw for a whole moon cycle. Plus Several essential oils (Cedarwood, Vetiver, Lavender, Tea Tree) that stimulate hair growth, moisture, shine, combats dandruff, and evens the PH of the scalp.

    Squeeze serum into hands (about 3 dropper fulls or whatever feels right), and massage into the scalp and work your way down to the ends. Leave on hair for 30 minutes or overnight before you shower. You can even use it after your shower on your ends! For external use only, keep away from eyes and mucous membranes! Always do a skin patch test first before using, Venus In Aquarius Apothecary is NOT responsible for misuse of products.