• Hand-Stamped Hematite and "Courage" Charm Stretch Bracelet

    • $18.00


    A reminder to have courage is hand stamped on an aluminum charm, strung on doubled stretch cord along with 8 inches of 4mm hematite beads, with a finished diameter of 2.5 inches.  A lovely addition to your bracelet stack, or for a special person facing a difficult journey.

    Bead Trivia - Hematite is an iron oxide.  Its name is derived from the Greek word for blood (haima), due to the red coloration found in some varieties of hematite.  It was quite popular in Victorian England as it was used in mourning jewelry.  It's also used in art, such as intaglio.  Note:  If you are expecting it to be magnetic, it isn't - that's hematine, a synthetic material sold as "magnetic hematite".