• Happy Relationships Necklace

    • $18.00


    A mystical blend of herbs meant to bring happiness, love, and positive energy to your relationships with friends, family, and partners. 
    Filled with red geranium petals and chamomile flowers. 
    Wear this necklace to encourage loving energies and happiness in all of your relationships and bring forth love and kindness from all. 
    Charged with rose quartz and amethyst under the full moon.

    All necklaces come with a small rose quartz crystal! 
    Use rose quartz to encompass the feelings of love, compassion, kindness, and happiness. As well as encourage emotional healing.

    Stainless steel chain. Necklace measures 17”. Bottle pendant measures 3cmx1.5cm.

    Cork is glued into the bottle, please do not open. 
    Always use safe hands while hanging glass jewelry and do not sleep or shower with it on.