• Hawthorn Flower Hard Enamel Necklace

    • $32.50


    Hawthorn - Protection | Banishment | Consecration
    Fragrance Oil - Jojoba Oil, jasmine, almond, and anise
    Pendant: Hard Enamel with Gold Plating
    Size: approx. 1.5 inches
    Chain: Gold Plated – Nickle Free – 24 inches
    Hawthorn is an old, magical plant. In spring the trees are heavy with creamy pink or white blossoms, in early autumn they are replaced with plump red berries. It has been used as a symbol of consecration in wedding crowns, and its branches have been used as May Poles to celebrate the arrival of spring. There is no wonder it is also considered to have protective qualities, given the long thorns adorning each bough. Planting or placing hawthorn around your home is said to keep unwanted entities away. Wear this charm as a sign of blessing for a special occasion, or if you need an extra boost of psychic or mental protection. Hawthorn reminds us of the magic found in every day life, and also to set healthy boundaries for ourselves.  
    Each pendant is approx. 1.5 inches, includes a 24 inch chain, a pull-tab box, a symbolic meaning reference card, and a 2ml vial of fragrance oil inspired by the botanical. It comes protected in a hard case, pull tab jewelry box decorated with a matching leaf stamped design.