• Home Hand-Sewn Guestbook & Journal

    • $35.00



    Record the story of your home and the people who live there in this beautifully crafted, hand-sewn book. Pulling together classic 1940s and 50s colors and illustrations, it features plenty of blank pages, including graph paper and paper with gold details, and pages from a vintage home decorating book with furniture illustrations. The cover is cut down from a vintage sewing book and features a collage of vintage magazine illustrations, wallpaper squares, a slide, and pearl buttons, surrounding the word “home” hand-stitched through the cover in cursive.

    Make this book what you want it to be! Use it as a guestbook, the story of finding your home and making it your own, or tell the story of your family and the places you call home.

    This book measures approximately 9” by 6” by 1.5”.