• Honey Cream Facial Moisturizer

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    • $29.00


    This AMAZING concoction of Bee Pollen, Honey, and Propolis works wonders keeping your face supple, smooth, and most importantly accelerating the skin's natural turnover cycle. Bee Pollen contains highly effective vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that influence the healing and the overall rejuvenation of the skin. 

    Our Honey Cream contains natural pigment ingredients to aid the skin in lightening hyperpigmented areas on the face. Along with toning abilities, our mixture is also specifically designed to tighten the skin with natural plant extracted caffeine. 

    This mixture helps a multitude of problematic skin conditions such as:

    • Spot Correcting
    • Acne
    • Dry and cracked skin
    • Tightening 
    • Dark/Undereye Bags

    Key Ingredients:

    • Raw Honey
    • Apricot Kernel Oil
    • Bee Pollen

    Using this product at night will help all of the natural ingredients work while your body is at the height of its healing and detoxification phase.