• Labradorite Moon Pendant

    • $20.00


    The brightest object in our night sky, the moon has always been a wonder to many.  It's glow, it's ability to move our tides, the effect on our own moods...its no wonder that we are so mesmerized by this beautiful object.  I have always been one who loves looking outside at night and gazing up at the sky, soaking in what our galaxy has to offer.  

    The Labradorite Moon Pendant is a gorgeous nod to this fascinating object in the sky.  A beautiful half moon shaped stone encased in gold suspended from a non tarnish gold plated chain makes or the perfect layering necklace.  This gorgeous piece also can hold its own by flying solo with a simple top.  

    • 18" non tarnish gold chain and clasps (multiple chain sizes available)
    • natural labradorite stone
    • lead and nickel free

    To enjoy your necklace for many years, please do not wear into water or get it wet.  To keep clean, simply take a lint free cloth and wipe off any oils that may settle after wearing.  Please note that each stone is unique, there stone pictured will be slightly different than the one you may receive.  This makes your necklace unique as well!


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