• Last bit set | Jar spoon and Jar spatula | Cherry wood

    • $75.00


    Slow made kitchen utensils.

    Finely handcrafted utensils for lovers of good food.  

    These are made with love, care and hand tools only- there will only ever be a few of these in the world. 



    Get that last bit of goodness from the bottom and sides of your jars with the spatula, while working your way there with the jar spoon.

    Includes: one X 11 1/2 " jar spoon and one X 10" jar spatula. Both in cherry wood.

    1/2 oz spoon butter (in a compostable plant-based container).

    Finish: spoon butter (a blend of 100% organic walnut oil, and beeswax) 

    Makers notes: This particular cherry wood has personal history. In 2015, in New York, I had to remove a small cherry tree from a rooftop garden. Not wanting to see this go to the landfill, I cut the tree into sections, took it home in my backpack, and dried it. Its survived about four apartment moves since. Its been a delight to work with, and now it can serve you for years to come.

    Care: wood utensils can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Don't soak for prolonged periods in water, and NEVER clean in a dishwasher. Spoon butter can be rubbed on the utensils every few weeks/months, if you like that fresh look. Otherwise a natural patina will build up over time.

    Wood utensils (general): being a natural product, they will change characteristics over time; and with the seasons.