• Pencil drawing with real pressed flowers

    • $95.00


    This is an original pencil sketch adorned with real flowers. This is not a print. My flower portraits are one-of-a-kind and each bring their own unique personality. Created in times of contentious elections and pandemic struggles, this art piece is open to interpretation by the viewer. No matter what the story, the message remains one of beauty and hope. 

    I create original art with real pressed flowers and foliage. I harvest these treasures as I meander through my garden or foraging on nature walks. With each season there are new discoveries and inspiration. The plant material is pressed by me through a natural, chemical-free and dye-free process.

    Composed on acid-free archival paper and presented in a white beveled mat in a black frame measuring 12" x 12" that is sure to harmonize with any décor. 

    Invite her to adorn a wall in your home - ideal for an entryway, bedroom or home office. A unique gift for any occasion.

    To prolong the life of this item, do not hang/place in direct sunlight or areas with excessive moisture.

    Pressed Flower Artisan retains all rights.