• Photography Print Add-On: Matting and Frame

    • $55.00

    Size of Photo::


    **Important note: Matting/framing increases the processing time. Currently, the processing time is 9-12 days, but this varies based on demand and logistics. It may change without notice (to be longer or shorter).

    Please add this to your cart in conjunction with one of my prints. This add-on includes a simple black metal frame that fits well with a wide variety of styles, as well as a white mat and a glare-resistant acrylic front with UV protection. A wire hanger is also attached. Note that the sizes are based on your PHOTO size purchased, so a 16x24 photo would choose the 16x24 option, but it would come in a 20x30 frame because of the added mat. A 6x8 photo would come in an 8x12 frame. Due to mat sizing, the photo size may vary slightly from the list size ordered. Note that this price is for the frame add-on, and would be paid in addition to whatever print you choose.

    6x8 photo: 8x12 frame, 1" mat

    8x12 photo: 11x14 frame, 1.5" mat

    10x15 photo: 12x18 frame, 2" mat

    12x18 photo: 16x24 frame, 2" mat

    16x24 photo: 20x30 frame, 2" mat

    20x30 photo: 30x40 frame, 4" mat