• Poppy Flower Hard Enamel Necklace

    • $32.50


    Poppy - Rest | Sleep | Dreamwork
    Fragrance Oil - Jojoba Oil, chamomile, vanilla, lavender
    Pendant: Hard Enamel with Gold Plating
    Size: approx. 1.5 inches
    Chain: Gold Plated – Nickle Free – 24 inches
    From a tangle of silver-green foliage a sea of red crepe-paper flowers reaches toward the sunlight. The brightly colored blooms sway softly on their tall stalks, like a crowd of faces nodding in and out of sleep. Poppies have long been associated with slumber and altered states of consciousness. Various types of poppy have been used throughout history for their sedative and pain-relieving qualities. When safely administered, this flower can ease the mind and body, promoting rest and recovery.  For these reasons, poppy is a great symbol to use for dreamwork, to help with insomnia, and to create feelings of peace. 

    Each pendant is approx. 1.5 inches, includes a 24 inch chain, a pull-tab box, a symbolic meaning reference card, and a 2ml vial of fragrance oil inspired by the botanical. 

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