• Rapunzel ~ Taxidermy Art

    • $325.00


    This fairy tale piece started with a really cool rose colored metal case with a cherry red handle on the right side. To the front I added wood trim with various lace trims. There is also trim on each side. Inside the case, the background is part of an old scenic painting, the side are covered in vintage sheet music. At the bottom is an old candy tin, on top is fabric and flowered trim. Atop of this, is a wonderfully tarnished silver tea/coffee pot. Inside sits Rapunzel. Her head is an ethically sourced bunny head, her crown a bit of beaded lace. Her dress is made from black fabric and various black lace trims. Her hands are bunny paws. Her braided hair loops around the silver pot and is wrapped in black ribbon. She is anxiously awaiting her prince!

    This one of a kind piece measures 17 x 9.5 x 3.5"