• Setting Sail ~ Taxidermy Art

    • $350.00


    Setting sail to discover new worlds. Pictures just don't do this piece justice! It started with part of an old shoe shine case that is a marbled black and gray with a black handle. Inside the case is covered with vintage paper and fabric. The boat is a vintage wood boat attached to a piece of driftwood. Attached to the front is an ethically sourced quail head with black horns. The sail is a piece of vintage fabric. To the side I have added some metal shields with faux leather. To the back I added faux antlers. The oars rest in an old metal piece. The sailor has an ethically sourced quail head with black horns. Her feet are quail feet and she has rat paws for hands. Her shield on her back is an old spoon, she has a little metal helmet and attached to the front of her is an ethically sourced tanned animal paw with claws. Behind her is a shell trivet and fabric forms the waves of water. 

    This one of a kind piece measures 16" x 11.5" x 7"