Terranean Sumac

Terranean Sumac

Terranean Sumac

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Sumac comes from wild berries indigenous to the Middle East and Mediterranean.  It’s earthy texture and tangy lemon flavor make it a perfect alternate to lemon and salt (it’s less acidic).

It is used in Za’atar wild thyme blends, to make the famous Fattoush salad, on hummus and baba ghanouj, as vegetable seasoning, including eggplant and cauliflower, with pita chips, lamb, eggs, chicken, fish, with lemonade and more.

The Romans even used sumac as a souring agent before using lemon.

 * Caps will be black or red, depending on availability 


Why we love it

Gluten Free
Highest Antioxidant spice (66 times more than blueberries)


Allergy info: please note that sumac is from the same family as cashews and same tree family as mangos.

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