• The Empath // Protection+Purification Oil. 1 oz. Gem & Herbal Infused

    • $13.33


    Empathy (noun)-The Ability To Understand and share the feelings of another. (from wikipedia)

    Being an empath is a gift. You feel things so deeply. SO deeply. I can tell you first hand that heading somewhere in a light/positive mood and entering a place/situation or encountering a person whose energy is either low or negative will drain your energy. Have you ever felt the need to exit or leave somewhere immediately? That might be a sign that you're absorbing others energies and taking them on as your own. Even those out there who enjoy a good psychic attack or energy vampires. You have to protect yourself. 
    There are ways to protect your energy and shield yourself from energies that don't align with your highest self. The Empath Oil is compromised with essential oils and herbs that aid in protection & cleansing. Plus a charged tumbled black tourmaline stone which banish negative energies from entering your space. Anoint your candles, your root and crown chakras, add to your shampoo or body wash, use on stones, anywhere that needs an extra defense or shield.