• The Protector

    • $480.00


    This truly one of a kind piece starts with a base made from an old rusty blue tin. I added some rusty hardware to the front.  The protector is made with an ethically sourced taxidermy raccoon head. It is attached to an old jointed doll body. His neckpiece is made with black trims and brown base that used to hold a vintage measuring tape. I cut out an oval hole in the body and it an ethically sourced taxidermy baby raccoon head. The body is made from various black fabrics and lace. The arms are wrapped with black fabric and lace as well. Between the hands is a vintage calendar that actually works, just set the date you want with the dials on the sides. Put in a special date or use it as a daily calendar!


    This unique piece stands 19.5" tall and 10" wide and 10" deep.