• Turn this moment into a movement Post Card, Fight the Patriarchy Cards, Post Card Kit for Local Government letters, send notes to officials

    • $2.75


    How are you feeling about this moment in time? Are you ready for it to be over or are you ready to fight harder?
    It's time to reach out to our officials and tell them what is important to us. Do you have issues you want to bring up with your local officials? Of course, you do! This printed postcard is perfect to write down your thoughts on specific issues and stick in the mail. Send to your mayor, representative, senator, city councilor, PRESIDENT. It is not time to be silent. We need to take action and let the decision-makers know what we want. Let them know the issues you want them to support and how they can work to unite your communities.

    The front of this 4.5" x 5" postcard reads "It's Time to Unite!" and the backside has a place for a stamp, mailing address, and already has a printed watercolor "dear" so it's easy to address it to someone.

    You don't want to miss out on these.