• Vervain Keychain

    • $24.00


    The Vervain Keychain
    - Designed to be looped to a belt, backpack or purse strap
    - Button snap closure - solid brass
    - Natural solid brass swivel snap
    - Natural solid brass split ring included 
    - Full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather
    The Vervain Keychain is a multifunctional keychain. Your choice of leather color and stunning natural brass hardware will provide decorative style to your everyday essentials. Quickly and securely grab your keys from a pocket, purse, or bag. Lastly, the button snap closure allows for the leather to be looped to a belt, bag, or purse strap. When attached, your keys can be swiftly removed from the clip to be used for their purpose. Just as smoothly and securely they’re clipped back to the keychain when not in use.
    Cedar Grove Leather strives to provide functional everyday items with elegant appeal. After using the original prototype for more than a year, I am confident the Vervain Keychain simplifies my daily tasks. As a naturally forgetful person, I no longer struggle to know where my keys are and I always trust that they are secure. I can lock or unlock my car quickly with one hand even when I have arms full of groceries and a 4 year old in tow. The efficiency and security makes the usual everyday tasks that much simpler. Let me know how it works for you!