• Waterleaf Wallet - 3 pocket bifold leather wallet - slim minimalist design for large capacity of cards and folded cash

    • $55.00



    The Waterleaf Wallet
    - 3 pocket design
    - fits large quantity of cards
    - fits single folded and double folded cash
    - 4"x 3"
    - handcrafted with your choice of leather
    - custom thread color
    Introducing the Waterleaf wallet, a large capacity wallet with three compartments. The right sided pocket fits ample amount of single folded cash. It can also store cards, receipt, you name it! On the left hand side sits 2 pockets. the front pocket fits cards and double folded cash and the back pocket can fit single folded cash and more cards. This wallet has extensive versatility in how you can carry your currency and cards. While the capacity is high, the overall size of this piece is very slim. The waterleaf can fit both in the front pocket as well as the back or easily in a purse or bag. With your choice of thread, you can make this wallet your very own.
    Leather Options
    The Ortensia Pueblo is produced by Italian tannery Badalassi Carlo. The leather is full grain (highest quality) and vegetable tanned. Pueblo has a softer temper and unique feel. This item will develop a patina over time and will darken with use and develop a luxurious shine.
    The Santa Rosa options are chrome tanned, pull up leather. It has a unique feature in which a lighter coloration shows through with manipulation of the leather. 
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