• We Had A Kid! Wire Bound Baby Memory Book

    • $40.00



    Every family is a little different, and I enjoy the task of creating a variety of baby books that will suit everyone. If this book is “you”, I’ve done my job well. This square, wire-bound book is the perfect assembly of bold typography, bright colors, and heartfelt writing prompts. Twelve dividers split the book up into sections for each month of baby’s first year, and each section has several pages with typewritten prompts to help you capture all those memories you don’t want to lose. Bold black and white photos from a book by Tana Hoban complete each section.

    And don’t forget the cover! Large white letters spell out “We had a kid!” in all caps, along with a hand-cut image of a pretty cute kid and some hand-stitched elements to add a pop of color and texture.

    This book measures approximately 8” by 8” by 1”.


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