Calling all Greater Cleveland Creators

We are better together: Join Us!

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Made Cleveland is a community of creative people navigating the business of selling art, together.

Are you ready to start selling your craft?  We can help! For an affordable monthly fee we offer:

  • Your own customizable e-commerce website. Great as an addition to your current portfolio - or an awesome way to dip your toe in the water!
  • Real world selling opportunities.
  • Business development & support.
  • The priceless community of like-minded local artists.

Artist Directory & Marketplace in One

The Made Cleveland website IS a Cleveland Artist Directory. We offer talented artists a website within our website, amongst your peers, so local customers can find you. This website offers you:

  • Full control to customize your profile with logos, colors, designs
  • Full control over products, pricing, sales, inventory, you name it!
  • Direct contact with customers to foster personal relationships. This is achieved via links to your social media and personal website. Etsy doesn't do that!
  • Freedom from tax collection (we do it for you).
  • Multiplier effect on marketing. The more we do as a community the further the message goes! 
  • Assistance with customer service (What DON'T we do? haha).
  • A local spotlight! Cleveland is already supportive of the arts, let us help them find you!
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Real World Selling Opportunities

We all know what Covid has done to small businesses...But we also know people are itching to rejoin life! We can help with that too:

  • Multiple dedicated Made Cleveland arts & crafts shows throughout the year, at popular, hip locations.
  • The Made Cleveland brick & mortar store on Coventry Rd, offers space for rotating vendors.
  • Pop Ups Around North East Ohio
  • Our site is constantly used by other locally owned stores and markets to source vendors!

Community & Development

  • Do you really want to do all of your bookkeeping, and marketing, and distribution, and creation?!  Lean on us, while you create!
  • Benefit from our experience in the art industry & learn tips for your own business strategy.
  • We are LOCAL! Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.  We will know your name, and you will know ours.
  • As the world starts to recover from Covid, we'll host in-person meet-&-greets, & show-n-tells, for cross-pollination!
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Limited time Introductory Package

Made Cleveland is growing, lets grow together!

  • $5 / month + 10% of online sales
  • Yup. That's it!

Additional Questions?

Email us at [email protected]